Your Way Into Space!

Have you dreamed of viewing Earth from a new height?  Have you longed to experience weightlessness? Do you yearn to stare into the endless void?  Then brace for the adventure of a lifetime!

Enter the ground floor of the upper levels of deep space! Join experts in engineering, marketing, nondestructive evaluation, supply chain management, software, analytics, waste processing, and food services.[1]  Work hard, play hard, pay as you go.

There’s a place for everyone in the expanding universe of SPACE TOURISM!

TellTom offers the definitive journey into the cosmos. Suborbital flights, orbital holidays, lunar excursions, asteroid jaunts--you choose the destination and we get you there.[2]

Experienced[3] astronauts and trained specialists[4] ensure your comfort and safety at every stage of launch, flight, and re-entry.[5]

Be educated.  Be inspired. Be prepared for the experience of a lifetime.[6]

See the final expanse beyond the telescope up close. Engage in research and discovery, or simply relax and gaze at the stars.[7]  Your choice! Your destination lies above!

TellTom.  Your Way Into Space.

[1]Employment applications currently accepted until all janitorial and custodial positions are filled.

[2]Some restrictions apply.  Access unavailable in certain quadrants of the galaxy. We’re not going to Tennore.

[3]One trip counts as experienced.

[4]They passed our entrance exam.

[5]TellTom not responsible for lost luggage, keys, clothing, or family members during launch procedures.

[6]TellTom does not guarantee quality, comfort, or length of said lifetime.

[7]Passengers who decline to work receive no rations.