CHAPTER 9 - A Forest for the Trees

CHAPTER 9 - A Forest for the Trees
They appeared to be in a forest—the smell of leaves was the strongest either of them had ever smelled before. Other than that time Dan got stuck in a maple tree.


Stowaways were outsiders hoping to live off the land.  Land that was the valued property of “Lifeinc” and therefore they were living off of “Lifeinc” (a licensed contractor for United Really the Best Guys Governments {formerly United Good Guys Governments}).

“Hey, Abernathy.  Looks like the boat has a couple of stowaways.”

From down the hall came Abernathy’s voice.  “Really?”

“Unless the deer are growing really fast.”

Abernathy stuck her head in the doorway.  Her hair was a bright enough red that even Alden automatically snapped around when he caught a glimpse of it.  “Finally some action.  I’m getting really sick of watching grass grow.”

Watching grass grow was one of Abernathy’s listed job duties.

Freddie and Dan were making good time traveling down the pathway.  They had just come across an intersection with the main road through the center of the structure.  Turning down the main road, they were startled by the sound of a roaring engine behind them.  Spinning around, they saw a large frightening vehicle bearing down on them.  They dove off the road inches before being plowed down.

Dan yelled the most lucid thing he could think of.