CHAPTER 6 - Lessons, Just in Time

CHAPTER 6 - Lessons, Just in Time
Dan and Freddie prepared to leave on their first journey together.

Geared up, they walked out of Freddie’s home.  Dan had not seen the building well the night before, but it was a stone structure with a thatched roof.  Dan thought it looked a little shabby for an apothecary until he recalled the low wages situation.

Freddie turned back to regard the place that had served as home.  “Well, house, thank you for keeping me mostly dry and nearly warm in the winter and out of the sun in the summer.”

“Do you always talk to your house?”

“Yes, but usually it talks back.”

Dan thought of his Alexa back home and felt a twinge of melancholy at never speaking to her again.  Perhaps the thought of losing Siri as well was why he didn’t want to give up his phone—if his phone ever functioned again.