CHAPTER 5 - Ready Freddie

CHAPTER 5 - Ready Freddie
"You, my friend, are a time jumper. You move through time with the ease of someone walking across the street.”

In no time Dan was hustled over to a building at the other end of the road to see the apothecary, who had been eating what Dan could only assume was mutton, as it smelled slightly lambish.  Dan himself would have been quite pleased to learn that it was indeed mutton.

The patrons gathered round to listen as this was the most interesting thing that had happened to them since. . . well ever.

First, Dan stared at the exam room with trepidation.  There were shelves filled with jars with things inside them that vaguely resembled body parts or tiny rodents of some kind.  There was a cupboard filled with lots of little vials of unidentifiable powders and liquids.  In the lantern light, shadows leaped over the walls like grasping fingers.

Second, Dan stared at the little grey bearded man with trepidation.  The man wore baggy clothes, shabby and disheveled. He was small compared to the tavern patrons, and yet confident in his trade and ominous in his frumpiness.