CHAPTER 18 - A Romantic Interlude (and a great deal of blood)

CHAPTER 18 - A Romantic Interlude (and a great deal of blood)
America’s darkest financial hour—and Freddie’s, too.

Dan found a comfortable bench to sit and wait.  He wasn’t sure why, he just wanted to get a glimpse of her.  He was supposed to return to the stock yards to talk to the personnel manager about working another shift, but he didn’t care.

Six hours later he saw her.  She wore a blue chemise dress that displayed her calves, with a matching light jacket and a cloche hat with the brim turned up. Despite the shapeless shift dress, her figure was unmistakable to Dan.

He moved quickly to get a better look.  She was leaving a house in tears.

A sleek beige Duesenberg J Dual Cowl Phaeton pulled to the curb and she climbed in before the driver could get there to open the door. Even with her eyes swollen and hair mussed, the feminine knee-length dress made her even more appealing than before.

He thought about trying to follow her, but with no cab in sight that was impossible.  He copied down her address and wandered back toward the city proper, just thinking. On impulse he stopped at a store advertising greeting cards.