CHAPTER 15 - Time Travel for Fun and Profit

CHAPTER 15 - Time Travel for Fun and Profit
Is it the men’s room, the women’s room, or the robots’ room?

When he popped back into time, he was in a familiar environment—a public bathroom.  And not just any time’s public bathroom, a real one with tile floors and metal/porcelain fixtures.  He was overjoyed that he was near his own time—unless he was in a bathroom museum, displaying the primitive ways people used to relieve themselves.

Or worse, a robot museum displaying the primitive ways humans used to relieve themselves.

He looked around for Freddie as she could usually shed light on such things—then he remembered.  In a second he went from overjoyed to fear to grief.  The reptile was proud of him.

His vision narrowed and he began to sweat as fear raced through him. How would he survive without her? He was surprised at how afraid he was—and that it was less about his physical survival than losing her.

Dan believed she’d be fine.  They stopped the space station from exploding and she’d take care of herself, but how in all of time could he find her again?

Dan pushed aside those thoughts; he had to assess his situation like she had taught him.