CHAPTER 15 – Time Travel for Fun and Profit

CHAPTER 15 – Time Travel for Fun and Profit
Duct tape is great for repairing many things. Plumbing isn’t one of them.

Peeking out of the bathroom, he saw neither futuristic voyeurs nor victorious robots, but a busy lobby of an old hotel—although at this time it was still relatively new.  The cavernous lobby was filled with guests coming and going.  Many were sitting reading a paper or talking with friends.  Large green plants gave it a relaxed ambiance.

Dan walked through the lobby toward the elegant entrance/exit.  He would need money for breakfast—or lunch or whatever.  Absentmindedly he pulled out his wallet and found his money had been restored.  It was no good, with its futuristic anti-counterfeiting measures and odd look, but it was restored.

“Hey you!”

Dan ignored the call, as he knew no one here.

He was wrong about that.  His grandparents and a plethora of other relatives were alive in this era, but since they were nowhere near him, he was functionally correct.

“The Plumber!”

He turned and saw the manager coming toward him.  Dan assumed he was the manager as he had that “better-than-you stick” inserted up his exit.  The manager assumed Dan was the plumber since he had a tool belt around his waist.

The manager was tall and skinny, with a pencil thin mustache.  His fine features were stuck in a stuck-up position.  “The leak is this way.”  The man began walking away, expecting him to follow, which he did.