CHAPTER 13 - Space with a Bang

CHAPTER 13 - Space with a Bang
“Cryostasis would save on supplies on a spaceship.”

The big “TT” over the viewport told her this was a TellTom ship. TellTom was one of the top three builders of space vehicles on the planet and this was the largest thing they had ever built—other than enormous wealth.

Freddie looked over at Dan.  “I know what you’re feeling.”

“You do?”

“Looking out at space, everyone feels small.  Even this ungodly gargantuan space station feels small compared to the vastness of space.”




“You don’t feel small?”

“Well now I feel as though I should.”

“What do you feel?”

“Mostly an increasingly desperate need to find a bathroom and a kitchen.”

Psychological theorist Abraham Maslow would have said this was a perfect explanation of his needs hierarchy theory, excretion and food being two of the seven primary human needs and feeling small in the vastness of space not even cracking the top 100.

Still, to be fair, in the absence of a more immediate need, feeling small in space is a pretty common reaction.